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About the Seymour Historical Society

Founded as an off-shoot of the United States Bicentennial Committee in 1975, the Historical Society had its modest beginnings in a single room in the Center School on Bank Street. A dedicated group of citizens were determined to "preserve the history of the Town of Seymour; and to record and preserve current happenings of historical significance to the Town of Seymour." These continue to be the goals of the Society today.

In 1989, the Society had the opportunity to move into the Katharine Matthies house here on West Street. The home was built in 1940 as the private residence of Miss Katharine Matthies, daughter of Seymour industrialist, George Matthies. Katharine, who became a well-known philanthropist, supporting many community groups, resided in the home until 1987 when she died at the age of 85 years. Miss Matthies was extremely active in civic affairs, belonging to numerous patriotic organizations. Today her wealth, through the Katharine Matthies Foundation, continues to help many local non-profit organizations continue to celebrate the freedoms and traditions that she believed America was founded upon.

In 1995, the historical society assumed the ownership as well as the responsibility for maintaining the Matthies house as their permanent home. Much is offered to the community by the Society. Of primary importance, is its ongoing preservation of the history of Seymour as seen in its exhibits of town memorabilia and extensive collections of Seymour artifacts. In addition there is a varied program of monthly events and special programs. Admission to programs is free to members and $5.00 to non members. Donations are greatly appreciated. 

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