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Docent Training Videos With Scripts

Docent Training Video 2 - Tour Information

Tour guide script.

Location: Foyer

This is where you introduce yourself and your role as the tour guide, or Docent, for today. 

Ask: How many visitors have been here before?

Continue with a brief description of the house and the Seymour Historical Society. This house was built in 1940, by Katharine Matthies, and she lived here until 1987 when she passed away at the age of 85. She came from a very wealthy and prominent family and you will learn more about them as you tour the house. 

There are 13 rooms including 5 bathrooms, an attic, and a basement with a laundry room and a dark room. 

Katharine never married and lived here with her pet cocker spaniel, Blondie, and her housekeeper until her death. She is buried in the Matthies family plot across the street at Trinity Cemetary.

Katharine loved her country and her community and performed many kind deeds to those in need as well as supporting the community and the Valley organizations. 

So how did the Seymour Historical Society come to this beautiful house? In 1975 when the Seymour Historical Society was founded, it was located in two classrooms at Center School on Bank Street. In 1989, the Society, an all-volunteer non-profit organization had an opportunity to move into this house and establish a museum. In 1995 the Society assumed full ownership and responsibility for the home and the grounds. 

Besides offering the community programs and activities, we provide educational programs for Seymour students. The primary goal of the Historical Society is to preserve the history of Seymour through its exhibits of town memorabilia and collection of Seymour artifacts such as this 1909 School Master's desk from Great Hill School.

Before we get started, there are a few rules as we progress through the house. Please do NOT touch any of the artifacts or sit on any of the furniture. You may take photographs, but we ask that you refrain from using flash. We encourage you to ask questions and if we do not know the answer to them right away, we will get you the answer as soon as possible. 

Are there any questions? 

We hope that you have a wonderful visit. Now, let's get started. 

We will move to the Founder's Room next. 

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