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Annual Report

Another year is history and it has been a good productive year.

In August, several members attended a workshop at the Litchfield Historical Society. It was very helpful information that President Loreen used to get up our strategic plan for the next three years.

A new speaker system was set up, a great improvement, making it possible for all to hear the presentations.

Kim Kraus, a valuable volunteer, was thanked for the work she voluntarily did that improved the driveway.

Kayleigh was unanimously elected to take Joan Weed's seat on the board. Joan lost her battle with cancer. We miss her personally and all the work she did. Audrey Andrews had bitter sweet news. She will be moving out of state. Thank you, Audrey, for your many years of devotion and for your help to the Society. December brought a first time visit of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and the workshop elves. Our Santa invited all the children to sit on his lap and tell him their secret wishes and have a picture taken with him. The children received a little gift and were treated to refreshments! This was a fun and successful event, which hopefully will be a yearly event. Six small Christmas trees were uniquely decorated by our board members. They will be raffled off as a fundraiser.

The education program completed its third year and is our greatest gift to Seymour's children. Thank you Barbara, for starting this much needed program.

We should be very proud for this stately, well cared for museum. This is all possible because of our volunteers. Volunteers are not the same as employees. They can walk away or stay. They are the backbone of our society's success.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Their gift of time is priceless.

Most of all - we are grateful to the higher powers for this beautiful little spot on the planet. We can show off our proud history and the contributions we made to the making of this great nation. We are an asset to the town of Seymour, and want our presence known. We will be with the new, beautiful, clear, Seymour Historical Society that have been placed in special places throughout town.

This has been a windy report. There is only one way to say "Thank you!" and that is straight up - Thank you!

I'll end with a quote by F.D.R., "Be sincere, be quick, be quiet, and be seated!"

A report given at our annual meeting by our Hysterical Historical Historian, Elsie

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